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out of inodes... new install

From: "George Georgalis" <george@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 23:49:30 -0400

/usr: create/symlink failed, no inodes free
. /configure.lineno: cannot create conftest.err: file system full

this install is on a 5 gb slice partitioned with dfly installer
I had a similar problem the other day on a 14gb partition (didn't
notice the inodes part, may have been there...) -- both cases, 
there is plenty of disk space left.

Was talking with an openbsd developer who was having "out of disk space
issues" too.

I know what this error means but have no idea why it would happen under
the circumstances (cvsup, make bash, make xorg), or what I should do
about it... :-\

// George

George Georgalis, Architect and administrator, Linux services. IXOYE
http://galis.org/george/  cell:646-331-2027  mailto:george@xxxxxxxxx
Key fingerprint = 5415 2738 61CF 6AE1 E9A7  9EF0 0186 503B 9831 1631

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