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Re: Replacing panic()

From: "Martin P. Hellwig" <mhellwig@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 22:11:23 +0200

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai wrote:
Say Matt,

ever consciously and seriously thought about replacing panic() with

*tries to keep a straight face*

But seriously, you contacted the Amiga horde about DF yet?  I'm pondering on
spreading the word in the Amiga groups along with hefty namecalling of Matt
Dillon, former DICE, etc, maintainer and see if the horde comes thundering
along. ;)

BTW I always wondered why the F in DragonFly is capital, first I thought that it was for creating a easy shortname like DFBSD.
But suddenly it struck me that DillonFreeBSD and DragonFlyBSD have the same shorthand ...
But who cares about the name when you have cool "Fred" as the logo :-)
Today in my garden I even got the chance to take a view picture of Fred and his mates flying.
http://www.xs4all.nl/~mhellwig/dragonfly.JPG (warning 1MB)


$ /usr/local/etc/rc.d/bikeshed.sh
$ Usage, mix UNIX with: {politics|religion|both(=GNU/Linux)}

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