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[D-BUG] SANE 2004 conference, September 27 - October 1, Amsterdam

From: Brenda <brenda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>(by way of Emiel Kollof <emiel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 09:21:30 +0200

(since we have no announce-list, I bounced this to kernel -- Emiel)
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                   4th International SANE Conference

                     September 27 - October 1, 2004

                       Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A conference organized by the NLUUG, the UNIX User Group - The
Netherlands.  Co-sponsored by Stichting NLnet and with the co-operation
of USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association.

We are very pleased to present you the program for SANE 2004, an
international event on System Administration and Network Engineering,
focused on Security, UNIX and IP networking. Going through the program,
you will find renowned speakers for many interesting topics. SANE
2004 is the place where you will hear, discuss and put to use the
latest research, well-thought-out approaches, tools and techniques for
practical system administration and security.

Monday through Wednesday provide your true opportunity for in-depth
study. For three days, choose among five tracks of tutorials, covering
topics like security, MySQL, Postfix, Linux firewalls, Samba, LDAP,
IPv6/IPsec, IPfilter, VoIP, Postfix, Beowulf, Mac OS X administration,
FreeBSD 5.2, Vim and more. Led by experienced and respected instructors
such as Marshall Kirk McKusick, Edwin Kremer, Gerald Carter, Jos Vos,
Guido van Rooij, Walter Belgers, Hans van de Looy, Arjan de Vet, Aeleen
Frisch, Bram Moolenaar and Joost van Dijk.


Thursday and Friday the technical conference will take place. You will
be able to choose from lectures in the invited speakers track and
the refereed papers track. After the keynote speech given by eBay's
Director Availability and Performance Engineering, Paul Kilmartin,
you can see speakers like Wietse Venema, Tom Limoncelli, Arjen Lentz,
Rudi van Drunen, Brian Pawlowski, Peter Salus and Oscar winner John
Nelson. They will talk about topics such as Samba, Lambda networking,
traffic shaping, high availability load sharing, deploying worldwide IDS
networks, privacy, spam and wireless networks.


Free Software Bazaar

Wednesday evening is reserved for the Free Software Bazaar. You will
have a chance to discuss the latest developments in Free and Open Source
Software with members of the many groups that will present their work. A
highlight of the Bazaar will be a lecture given by Richard M. Stallman.
Admission to the Bazaar is free.

BoF sessions

Throughout the congress there will be Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions
in parallel to the standard tracks, where you can meet colleagues with
similar interests and even widely acclaimed guru's.

Poster sessions and Exhibition

On Thursday and Friday you can stroll along the exhibition area, where
vendors will demonstrate their latest hardware and software products. In
the same area poster sessions will be arranged. Meet the poster authors
and engage in discussions about their interesting and innovative work.

Social event and inSANE quiz

Of course, there is also time to relax. Make sure you don't miss the
social event and conference dinner on Thursday evening. The conference
ends on Friday afternoon with a hilarious closing session. This fun and
educational inSANE quiz will be presented by Kevlin Henney.


At the SANE 2004 web site ( http://www.sane.nl/ ) you will find full
program details, online registration, hotel information & reservation
forms, travel information and much more.

Unlike the previous SANE conferences, SANE 2004 is hosted in the
Amsterdam RAI centre in the Dutch capital. There is excellent public
transportation to and from Amsterdam airport, as well as to the city
centre, enabling you to enjoy the Amsterdam nightlife.


Early registration deadline:  August 20, 2004
Online registration closing:  September 21, 2004

We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam at SANE 2004!

   --  The SANE 2004 organizers.

PS: Register early for the tutorials: they tend to fill up fast!

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