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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2004-06
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Re: Porting /dev/random to DFly

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 10:23:09 -0700 (PDT)

:Hey, everyone!
:I ported the last set of changes to rand.c (unless there are newer 
:updates I don't know about) from FreeBSD RELENG_5 to DFly.
:However, I am also interested in porting the /dev/random code over to 
:DFly as well, and it seems some people would be happy with this code. 
:So, I started doing a small bit of research with porting over the code. 
:  Sorry that I'm late starting on this; I'm still reading 4.4BSD and 
:taking other real-life stuff.
:Currently, I have copied the src/sys/dev/random directory from FreeBSD 
:over to DFly.  However, I'm having problems determining how I tell the 
:DFly build system to try and compile this into the system.
:Firstly, I notice that FBSD has a src/sys/conf/files that lists some 
:files in there.  I couldn't determine how this was used, but I imagine 
:it is some way of saying this file is a standard/optional module:
:1) Go ahead and build it if it's standard, or 2) build it only if it's 
:listed in the kernel config using the name I specify in conf/files.  Am 
:I wrong about this?
:Secondly, is there some other place I should tell the build system to 
:look when looking for files to compile into the kernel?  I didn't notice 
:a Makefile in src/sys/dev/random; so, I can only assume the conf/files 
:thus far.
:Any help on getting me started would be appreciated.  I didn't notice 
:any immediate documents concerning conf/files.
:Thanks again,
    I think this was answered already but the best thing to do is to
    build it as a module, which means that you don't have to mess around
    with conf/files.

    Instead what you do is hook dev/random into dev/Makefile.  Actually,
    what you really should do is probably put dev/random in the crypto
    subdirectory.  e.g. in the DFly tree call it dev/crypto/random
    and hook it into the dev/crypto/Makefile.

    If that isn't enough to get you started please feel free to ask
    me questions!

					Matthew Dillon 

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