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Re: HEADS UP: Website Overhaul

From: ibotty <me@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 21:46:21 +0100

> In my experience most peweb siten't know there is such a thing as a "W3C
> standard" or "valid HTML".  That icon is meant to tell people that such
> a concept exists, and the curious will click on it and find out more.
> I'd argue for retaining the icon on the page: it doesn't occupy
> significant
> space.  The more people learn of the importance of standards, the fewer
> web pages will end up being IE-only.

well, this is certainly right.
IF we want this button to appear on the main site, i would vote for a
smaller icon. (i thought there was one available at w3.org, but i am wrong,
it seems)
we should maybe add a 'valid css' icon too in that case.

me, as a dragonflybsd.org web site consumer, am happy with every choice.


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