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Re: Packaging system effort

From: Walter <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 12:43:57 -0500

I'm just sitting on the side watching DfBSD because I
applaud the effort, which, imho, is in the right direction.
I do not at present have any time to devote to it, nor
any expertise.  Anyway, a comment...

Matthew D. Fuller wrote:

A way (maybe a network server, maybe just a ssh-and-read-a-file)
inside the package tools to say "Give me everything that's on this
other machine", with options like a menu to make selections of those
packages, would be nifty.

I was also thinking about this - an archive / restore function for the configuration, which the OTS would then build on any given machine.

I, being inherently lazy, would also like to see (pardon if
it's been mentioned and I missed it) something like the Mac
OS X update. A cron job that runs while I'm sleeping, which
runs an "OTS -magic_update", sees that a security patch has
been made to the kernel, downloads the patch, rebuild the
kernel using my customized config file, rebuilds all dependent
packages/ports, installs, reboots (in the case of a kernel
patch, re-init "-HUP", for a port) and sends me an e-mail
about it for me to read in the morning.  Is this too much to
ask. :-))


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