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Re: Website layout method

From: "Joshua Coombs" <jcoombs@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 16:44:20 -0500

"James Frazer" <jfrazer@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> PHP is really nice, you just have to be aware of the fact that
> will be some overhead -- how much depends on the speed of the
server and
> the complexity of the code (obviously).  There are 3rd party
> that allow script-compile-caching or something, but I have yet to
try these.
> It is definately much more flexible than C for webstuffs.
> --James

Turk-MMCache is one such tool.  Once cached, it allows my 386 of all
things to run PHP acceptably.  For comparison, a troll through a
typical PHP-Nuke front page takes over 4 mins for my 386 to cough
up, with MMCache, 40 seconds.

If you're running Apache & PHP I see no reason NOT to use it.

Josh C

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