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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2004-02
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Re: HEADS UP ON GCC3 - __FreeBSD__ no longer defined Note that __FreeBSD__ is no longer defined when you run gcc3.

From: Robert Garrett <rg70@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 04:46:16 -0600

Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     This will cause buildworld to fail, as well as various ports. 
>     Remember that people using gcc3 (setenv CCVER gcc3) are playing in the
>     highly-experiemental-not-completely-working-yet part of DFly.
>     Committers... please feel free to fix __FreeBSD__ related buildworld
>     breakages :-)
>     Also note that -fformat-extensions has not yet been implemented for
>     gcc3.  Whatever you do, do *NOT* commit changes to
>     /usr/src/contrib/gcc-3... that directory hierarchy must remain
>     pristine. Instead it is likely that I will apply the patches and
>     generate local .c files as part of the gcc3 build either some time
>     this week or next weekend, depending on my vacation schedule.
>     This means that buildkernel with gcc3 is not working either at the
>     moment.
> -Matt

        contrib is fixed by defining __FreeBSD__ for what needs it for
the time being, looks like as soon as the gcc3 fortran stuff builds
we are good to go for world.


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