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Re: configuration files

From: Emiel Kollof <coolvibe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 04:39:41 +0100

* Dave Leimbach (leimySPAM2k@xxxxxxx) wrote:
> Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > :The point was to illustrate that you can embed pretty much anything
> > :in XML tags.  
> > :
> > :Dave
> > 
> >     The problem is not whether you can represent the data in XML, which
> >     seems to be what everyone is talking about... the problem is whether
> >     there is any actual, real, non-theoretical usefullness to doing so verses
> >     using a simpler var=data model.  So far the answer to that is: no.
> [very lengthy response to what is becoming a pointless discussion]
> Ok how about this for a real use:
> in /etc/rc.conf I have
>         defaultrouter=""
> just for shits and giggles I replaced it with
>         defaultrouter="crap"
> and rebooted.  Guess what complained about my illegal value?
> *nothing*.

Not to put a dent in your argument, but...

The system will complain with spouting 'No route to host' on every
outbound connection you make. That kind of gives it away :)


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