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Re: new sysinstall

From: Robert Garrett <rg70@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 14:58:58 -0500

Sander Vesik wrote:

> Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>    First, I want a fully useable system, including all of /usr and maybe
>>    even X *ON* the CD, live, ready to go, complete with MFS mounted /tmp
>>    and
>>    /var, a working termcap, and so forth.  I want a working tcsh, with
>>    working history, I want man to pipe through less by default, I want vi
>>    to work, disklabel to work, virtual consoles, fetch, tar, cpdup, the
>>    works.  *Everything* should work.
> This part exists. The *gotcha* is that sysinstall can't AFAICT install a
> system from scratch when booted into a "normal" live system. If it could,
> you would get away with porting thie freesbie live freebsd scripts to
> dragonfly and be done.
>>    FreeBSD focuses on trying to pack as much as possible into its CD set.
>>    I think that's a mistake.  We should focus on useability for CD #1
>>    rather then compactness.
> Except for possibly a minimal but consistent set, the packages probably
> shouldn't be on disk 1 - so you don't end up with "X, but only three wm-s,
> gnome core and kdelibs" or similar messes.
>>                                        -Matt
>>                                        Matthew Dillon
>>                                        <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
It can, the magic is you can mount the floppie and copy it's contents
to / boot the kernel with sysinstall as init and do an install.

this is the way we upgraded 2.2.8 firewalls to 3.x at mindspring.

Robert Garrett

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