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Re: Fw: new sysinstall

From: ibotty <me@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 20:52:55 +0200

>> [ruby]
> Hmm, I think discussing which language is better to use will be
> more of a religous discussion than any other.  No offense, but
> whatever PHP can achieve, it can also be achieved by Perl,
> Python, Ruby and whatever else is out there; heck, even C++. :-)

and do not forget assembly.
personally, I prefer every scripting language, that is EASILY extendable.
ruby, python, php, tcl are all in this category.
lets agree, that we want a scripting language, not name one!

> Let us just stick with the PHP4 + thttpd/Apache combination.
> My basic reason for supporting it is because it is something
> different and radical from what other BSDs are doing.

php + httpd is somehow cool. it is so different, thus i like it.
i do not like coding in php, but I would most likely not code on the
installer anyway.

> Please, do not make a bikeshed out of this followup; it is
> merely my summary of the ``new sysinstall'' discussion. :-)

for a good reference for a bikeshed about programming languages, look at
comp.lang.ruby, thread Python vs. Ruby:
a: Ruby is better, because a ruby smells better than a python.
b: but prepared right, a python is far more delecious.
i think this sums this whole discussion up.


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