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Re: dynamic /bin /sbin

From: Richard Coleman <richardcoleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 00:43:10 -0400

Jeremy Messenger wrote:

: Not until we have somthing to replace it with :)

Does OpenBSD's BSDAUTH count?

Sorry for the stupid question, but what is BSDAUTH? I don't follow the OpenBSD lists.


I hope, it's right url and app that what he's talking about.


Ok, I read the pages. Although interesting, this doesn't look like a replacement for PAM (as far as I can tell). It actually looks very similar to the Apache module mod_auth_ldap. We used it to do authentications very similar to what he is talking about.

Until much more of this message passing infrastructure is in place
that Matt is talking about, PAM will probably have to stick around.
There really are not many alternatives at the moment (except

Speaking of Kerberos, I hope that DragonFlyBSD will do what the
OpenBSD guys are doing, and finally remove all the Kerberos IV stuff
from the tree.  Kerberos V has been around long enough, so there
should be little need for the older version.  Kerberos IV can always
come back as a port if someone really needs it.

Richard Coleman

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