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Re: C++

From: Kip Macy <kmacy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:20:50 -0700

Did you consider using a subset of C++ for the kernel? I'm asking because of this example and because I personally would have had to consider it because of the hand-built repetitive infrastructure of pure C.

I can see many drawbacks (enforcing a subset, issues associated with many fingers in the pie, etc) and I want to know what you thought about it.

Most long-time kernel hackers have an extremely strong aversion to C++.
In addition to the basic problem of name-mangling changing all the time,
there are at least a few common C++ constructs that people seem to mess
up all the time. Although there are many places where it could easily be a _lot_ cleaner than C, I have seldom seen it used to good effect.


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