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git: kern build: Update ldscripts

From: John Marino <marino@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 13:40:12 -0800 (PST)

commit ed9f17e49435c94183b5a4245af01ef457d00eeb
Author: John Marino <draco@marino.st>
Date:   Sun Feb 19 17:24:56 2012 +0100

    kern build: Update ldscripts
    All for ldscripts (includes two virtual kernel scripts) have been
    synchronized with binutils 2.22.  The previous sync was with FreeBSD
    which is still using binutils 2.17.50.
    A notable update is the usage of "-z max-page-size".  This is required
    because the gold linker has a standard maximum page size of 0x1000 bytes
    compared to 0x200000 bytes for the gnu ld linker.  It's an option to
    change the default, but the gold default of 4KB has advantages.  Or in
    other words, using a default maximum page size of 2MB has impacts to
    library size and available memory that can be avoided.
    Another thing to note is the vkernel64 has now been changed to load at
    0x200000 like it's pc64 counterpart.

Summary of changes:
 sys/conf/kern.pre.mk                        |   15 ++++++
 sys/platform/pc32/conf/ldscript.i386        |   64 +++++++++++++----------
 sys/platform/pc64/conf/ldscript.x86_64      |   73 ++++++++++++++------------
 sys/platform/vkernel/conf/ldscript.i386     |   64 +++++++++++++----------
 sys/platform/vkernel64/conf/ldscript.x86_64 |   73 ++++++++++++++------------
 5 files changed, 165 insertions(+), 124 deletions(-)


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