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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2012-01
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git: annotated tag v3.1.0 created

From: "Justin C. Sherrill" <justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 14:33:17 -0800 (PST)

        at  1d125bdc861e088c46bc9237e9b7d11240dfbe8c (tag)
   tagging  df75ede470fab24d56d3b5c23e1a07c011577f7c (commit)
  replaces  v2.13.0
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Sun Jan 22 17:25:43 2012 -0500

DragonFly 3.1.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (6):
      Introduce sys/cpputil.h for our cpp metaprogramming needs
      Modify ktr(4) to be typesafe
      Adjust ktrdump(8) for the ktr(4) changes
      Fix a few bugs in the new ktrdump code
      Fix the ktr(4) formats for pid_t and lwpid_t on x86_64
      Add a copyright notice to cpputil.h

Alex Hornung (10):
      dfregress - An automated test driver and framework
      dfregress,tbridge - Move into usr.bin and sys/dev
      dfregress - misc minor fixes/ make more verbose
      dfregress,dfr2text - add man pages
      dfregress.8 - Add info on writing testcases
      tbridge(9) - add man page
      dfregress.8 - spelling: synopsys => synopsis
      dfregress - Add default values for args, add direct arg
      dfregress - fix copy&paste mistake, add newline in output
      dfr2text, tbridge.9 - fix typos/etc

Antonio Huete Jimenez (21):
      x86_64 - Remove unneeded globaldata.c file.
      syscons - Fix comment.
      syscons - Fix comments related to do_switch_scr()
      pmap - Missing critical section when calling lwkt_ipiq_process().
      syscons - Avoid potential blocking issue.
      kern - Do not allow calls to vmspace_president_count() from userland.
      test - Little program to list processes from coredumps or kmem.
      libhammer - HAMMER filesystem library.
      libhammer - Include overlooked field freebigblocks.
      libhammer - inodes field was also overlooked.
      libhammer - Fix a misplaced #endif for the header guardian.
      libhammer - Hook it up into the build.
      hammer - Migration to libhammer (step 1/many)
      vmstat - Adapt memory limit field for bigger sizes.
      nwfs - Use global ncpus
      dhclient - Do not add/remove route for our newly assigned IP/aliases.
      dhclient - Use -q option instead of redirection.
      vknetd - Add pidfile and signal handlers.
      vknetd - Fix a bug in previous commit.
      rc.d - Add a basic vknetd script.
      vknetd - Document recently added rc.d script.

David Shao (1):
      DRM from FreeBSD current, tested for r600

Francois Tigeot (17):
      Add a vquota(8) utility
      Add a skeleton vquota(8) manpage
      VFS accounting: implement an initialization framework
      VFS accounting: add in-memory storage counters
      VFS accounting: list enabled filesystems
      VFS accounting: start collecting data
      HAMMER VFS: record the name of the mount directory
      UFS VFS: initialize f_mntonname for the root mp
      VFS accounting: add a new vquotactl() syscall
      NULL VFS: store PFS mount points for later use
      vquota(8): add code to manage hard links
      vquota(8): finish implementing the check command
      vquota(8): add a -h flag
      VFS accounting: add a sync command
      Run VFS_START() for the root mount point.
      kernel: do not try to always build IPv4-specific code
      installer: Warn <10GB HAMMER filesystems are unsupported

François Tigeot (16):
      Import proplib from NetBSD
      Add missing END() macros to libc i386 .S files
      Fix a bug in nullfs_mount() and nullfs_statfs()
      Unbreak buildworld on i386
      Add missing fts_close() calls
      Disable VFS accounting by default
      Use a sysctl to show if VFS accounting is enabled
      gpt(8): increase size of boot slice to 768MB
      hammer(8): fix an obsolete comment
      kernel/vfs: enable accounting for ro mounts
      rc.d: Add a vfs_accounting script
      rc.d: default values for vfs_accounting variables
      Add vfs_accounting to etc/rc.d/Makefile
      Disable HAMMER live dedup, mark as experimental
      vquota(8): Display full user and group names
      vquota(8): Remove unneeded braces

Jan Lentfer (7):
      ipcs: Adjust ipcs display to take into account new shared memory sizes
      pf: convert to use kmalloc instead of zalloc
      pf/pf_ioctl.c: Fix whitespace error
      ldns: Update vendor branch to 1.6.11
      ldns: Removed empty file common.h
      ldns: Update local files for update to 1.6.11
      pf: fix another double lock release

John Marino (59):
      sdiff: fix wcwidth recursion
      crt1.o: provide symbol definition of __progname
      crt1.o: provide symbol definition of environ
      i386/sys/sbrk.S: extra "end" symbol removed
      Upgrade GCC from 4.4.6-RELEASE to 4.4.7 snapshot 2011-10-25
      gcc44: Update version from 4.4.6-RELEASE to 4.4.7-20111025
      Upgrade diffutils from 3.0 to 3.2 on the vendor branch
      diffutils: Upgrade to version 3.2
      diff: Remove location modification from 2004
      Upgrade grep version 2.7 to 2.9 on the vendor branch
      grep: Upgrade to version 2.9
      Binutils 2.20: Effectively remove from world
      Upgrade GMP from 4.3.2 to 5.0.2 on the vendor branch
      libgmp: Upgrade to version 5.0.2
      libgmp: Fix README.DELETED
      gprof: silence buildworld errors
      Upgrade MPFR from 2.4.2-p3 to 3.1.0 on the vendor branch
      libmpfr: Upgrade to version 3.1.0 from version 2.4.2
      CPUTYPE: Add support for Via C7 and AMD Geode (gcc44)
      CPUTYPE: Fix Geode, remove C7
      libc: Add wcscasecmp function
      libc: Add wcsncasecmp function
      Bump __DragonFly_version after new functions added to libc
      Initial import of binutils 2.22 on the new vendor branch
      binutils 2.22: Add READMEs and local modifications
      binutils 2.22: Add makefiles, new incremental-dump binary
      binutils 2.22: Activate building in world
      binutils 2.22: Promote to primary binutils
      Revert "binutils 2.22: Promote to primary binutils"
      Revert "binutils 2.22: Activate building in world"
      Revert "binutils 2.22: Add makefiles, new incremental-dump binary"
      Revert "binutils 2.22: Add READMEs and local modifications"
      Revert "Merge branch 'vendor/BINUTILS-ALL'"
      Initial import of binutils 2.22 on the new vendor branch
      binutils 2.22: Add READMEs and local modifications
      binutils 2.22: Add makefiles, new incremental-dump binary
      binutils 2.22: Activate building in world
      binutils 2.22: Promote to primary binutils
      binutils 2.20: remove source files
      gold linker 2.22: Unbreak it
      libm: Sync with NetBSD
      libm: Bump __DragonFly_version, remove obsolete man page
      libm: Add .section .note.GNU-stack to all assembly files
      libm: Sync with FreeBSD (~50 math functions added)
      libm: Man page updates
      Bump __DragonFly_version in param.h due to libm update
      kgdb: Fix double-free bug
      gold linker v2.22: Fix constructor handling
      gold linker v2.22: Remove unnecessary assertions
      rtld: Fix file descriptor leak
      rtld: Revert mprotect optimization during .bss creation
      rtld: Fix improper sync of map_object.c (17 July 2009)
      rtld: fix some typos
      rtld: remove broken functionality to build exec. version
      rtld: Clang fixes
      rtld: Fix TLS inconsistency, cleanups
      rtld: Reorganize reloc_plt and reloc_jmpslots
      rtld: add RELRO support
      kern: Update traps, sigbus->sigsegv, cleanup and fixes

Justin C. Sherrill (2):
      Make pkgsrc-2011q3 default instead of 2011q1.
      Shifting master to 3.1.

Markus Pfeiffer (1):
      Added AMD Features2 bits 17 (TCE), 23 (PCX_CORE) and 24 (PCX_NB) to identcpu.c for pc32 and pc64

Matthew Dillon (226):
      kernel - Fix spin lock held across contigfree/kfree in bounce code
      kernel - Fix bug in lwkt_token_swap()
      kernel - Major SMP performance patch / VM system, bus-fault/seg-fault fixes
      kernel - pmap_spin needed for UP build
      kernel - Fix latency issue with many cores contending on a token
      kernel - Increase exec args cache on 64-bit boxes
      kernel - Fix long-standing vfork/exec bug
      kernel - Move a vm_object_pip_wakeup() call
      kernel - Fix null-pointer crash in i386/pmap.c
      kernel - Increase VM page free minimums for allocations
      kernel - callout_init() -> callout_init_mp() in selected cases
      kernel - Fix cumulative nprocs bug
      kernel - limit allproc_scan() to snapshot
      kernel - Optimize spinlocks for 48-core contention
      kernel - Make the itimers MPSAFE
      kernel - Major vm_page, lwkt thread, and other changes
      kernel - remove MP lock from uipc socket functions, route table, and mld6
      kernel - Rewrite the x86-64 pmap code
      kernel - Handle pmap_protect() race in pmap code
      kernel - Adjust pagezero/pagecopy assembly and re-enable VM_ALLOC_ZERO
      kernel - pmap (64bit) add missing wiring to fix panic
      kernel - Fix recently introduced bus error w/postgres scoreboard
      test - Add code to test recent bus error issue
      kernel - Fix deep recursion in vm_object_collapse()
      kernel - Fix memory leak when execv()ing certain paths.
      kernel - Fix deep recursion in vm_object_collapse() (2)
      kernel - More many-cores SMP work
      kernel - add lwkt_set_interrupt_support_thread() API
      kernel - Clean up spinlock code, add more lwkt_yield()s
      kernel - Another huge HUGE VM performance improvement for many-cores
      kernel - Fix vm_object->rb_memq race in pageout daemon
      killall - Add support for pts specifications
      kernel - shmid_ds structure needs to change on 64-bit :-(
      kernel - regenerate system calls
      kernel - shmget() adjustments
      kernel - Remove libc shm shims
      kernel - Fix bug in shmget()
      kernel - Autosize maximum shm pages
      ipcs - Make it compile w/WARNS=6
      kernel - Fix deadlock in vm_prefault
      kernel - Fix LINT compilation on 32-bit
      kernel - Fix missing token release in msync() error path
      kernel - Expand panic message for invalid pte case
      kernel - Fix mbuf cluster statistics, fix type change bug
      kernel - Add bsflong() asm functions
      buildkernel - remove COMPAT_43 and COMPAT_DF12
      kernel - add MAP_SIZEALIGN
      kernel - Major MP work on kq and signal processing
      kernel - Fix x86-64 pmap race
      kernel - Fix spin-based msgports
      kernel - reformulate the maxusers auto-sizing calculation
      kernel - Hold required token when accessing p_flags, adjust kmem access
      kernel - Fix /dev/mem access for memory >=4GB
      kernel - Fix bug in last commit
      kernel - Fix localhost packet misordering
      kernel - Attempt to workaround low memory deadlock
      kernel - Fix itimer hard critical section panic
      kernel - make adjustments to the AHCI driver to try to locate some races
      kernel - Add callout_stop_sync()
      kernel - reformulate some of the pmap code to adhere to the new rules
      kernel - Beef up vm_contig allocation checks
      kernel - Rearrange page adds in vm_add_new_page()
      kernel - Fix lwp_create() kernel corruption and panic in error path
      kernel - Increase default shared pages per process for x86-64
      kernel - Fix overflows in vm_zone.c
      kernel - Remove ad-hoc increment/decrement of vm->vm_sysref
      kernel - Deoptimize refcount case
      kernel - Allow vm_page_alloc() to return NULL in bio_page_alloc()
      kernel - Increase maximum supported physical memory to 32TB
      vkernel - Add leaf customization target
      kernel - Fix p->p_lock race and remove unused procedures
      kernel - Performance improvements during heavy memory/IO use
      kernel - Fix numerous performance problems with the pageout daemon
      kernel - Wait for I/O to finish in vm_object_terminate()
      kernel - Fix deadlock in pmap_page_protect()
      kernel - Add required critical section around tsleep_remove()
      kernel - Upgrade buffer space tracking variables from int to long
      kernel = Fix tsleep(), remove MAILBOX signals, change signalset locks for LWPs
      kernel - Fix IPI signaling issue, add a few assertions
      kernel - Add missing dsched_exit_thread() and friends
      kernel - Fix overflows and races in zalloc()
      kernel - Remove MP lock from sysv semaphore code
      kernel - Expose nanosleep1() to other kernel source files
      kernel - Implement degenerate timeout case for select() and poll()
      kernel - Use MPSAFE callouts for TCP
      kernel - Add syscall quick return path for x86-64
      ipcs - Cleanup output format
      libc - Bring dmalloc in for x86-64
      kernel - Certain sysv_shm administrative functions still need the mp_lock
      kernel - Improve per-cpu caching of pv_entry's
      systat - Handle larger numbers, cleanup
      ps - Fix broken column alignment for programs w/ large RSS/VSZ
      kernel - Greatly improve shared memory fault rate concurrency / shared tokens
      kernel - Normalize use of sys/buf2.h for last commit
      kernel - Try to fix vrevoke() race/crash
      kernel - Fix DEBUG_LOCKS races
      kernel - Major signal path adjustments to fix races, tsleep race fixes, +more
      kernel - Major signal path adjustments (2)
      kernel - Attempt to make procfs MPSAFE
      kernel - Attempt to make procfs MPSAFE (2)
      kernel - Fix VM page race when exec maps a page
      kernel - Attempt to make procfs MPSAFE (3)
      kernel - Fix token ordering in sysctl_kern_proc_args(), sysctl_kern_proc_cwd()
      kernel - Fix races in procfs
      kernel - Handle degenerate cases for fill_*regs*()
      kernel - Do not call pmap_enter() in vm_fault_page*()
      kernel - Fix bug in procfs_ioctl()
      kernel - Do not use shared tokens for kernel_map
      kernel - Try to fix procfs readdir race
      kernel - Move VM objects from pool tokens to per-vm-object tokens
      systat - unsigned expansion to proper display >= 2G values on 32 bit boxes
      kernel - Fix ps/thread-exit and other related ps races
      kernel - more procfs work
      kernel - Fix additional races in lwp_signotify()
      kernel - Cleanup and document
      kernel - Fix marker in sysctl_kern_proc()
      kernel - Adjust tlb invalidation in the x86-64 pmap code
      kernel - Document vm_map_lookup_entry() better in vm/vm_map.c
      kernel - Fix swapcached problems when max-swap use reached
      kernel - Fix swapcached problems when max-swap use reached (2)
      kernel - Fix incorrect assertion in lwkt_token_swap()
      kernel - Revamp subr_alist and get it ready for use
      kernel - Implement a contiguous memory reserve for contigmalloc()
      kernel - Correct unaligned results in alist_free_info()
      kernel - Fix crash in pmap_enter()
      kernel - Fix swapcache related crash
      kernel - Add ts check to dotimeout_only()
      fastbulk - Commit to /usr/src/test/fastbulk
      fastbulk - Minor corrections & docs
      kernel - Fix DRM_DEBUG() macro
      kernel - Fix vm_object token deadlock
      kernel - Fix incorrect VA on interlock
      kernel - Fix broken assertion
      kernel - Fix vm_object token deadlock (2)
      kernel - Fix vm_object token deadlock (3)
      kernel - Correct wire count statistics
      kernel - Attempt to fix early release panic w/USB's sim.
      kernel - RB_SCAN() requires a short-term spinlock
      kernel - Check PG_MARKER in pmap_object_init_pt_callback()
      kernel - Add required vm_token back in to swaponvp()
      kernel - Fix race in multi-LWP exit
      buildworld - Fix parallel build race in ncurses
      build - install should not complain if the mkdir() races
      build - Support concurrent SUBDIR traversal, fix make depend bug
      build - Significantly improve parallel buildworld times
      dmesg - Don't fail when the kernel is adding to the dmesg quickly
      libkvm - Enhance swapinfo dump
      kernel - Fix a few edge cases in subr_blist.c
      kernel - Fix fragmentation and object list scan bug in swapcache
      xinstall - Fix bug in last commit
      mkdir - Fix MP race in mkdir -p
      kernel - swtch.s cleanup
      kernel - Add missing lwkt_switch_return() call to pcb_ext path
      kernel - Fix minor bug in last swapcache commit
      kernel - Add requires p->p_token locking and holds around fork()'s child proc
      kernel - Fix pmap->pm_active race in switch code
      kernel - Minor cleanups
      kernel - Fix race between procfs / proc sysctls and exec, refactor PHOLD/etc
      kernel - sysctl - use a larger buffer to ensure that a ksnprintf() fits
      kernel - Remove double unlock in elf core dumping code
      kernel - Fix lost lock in devfs
      kernel - Enhanced lockmgr debugging, panic in double unlock
      libkvm - Fix seg-fault in ps output when loading a process's argv
      kernel - Remove unnecessary MP lock in vgone_vxlocked()
      kernel - Refactor the vmspace locking code and several use cases
      HAMMER VFS - Attempt to fix a low-memory deadlock
      HAMMER VFS - Attempt to fix a low-memory deadlock
      kernel - Use atomic allocate-hold in vnode_pager_alloc().
      kernel - Remove unnecessary < 0 checks for sopt_valsize unsigned field + fixup
      kernel - Fix kqueue race with NOTE_EXIT
      kernel - Fix panic in vm_page_try_to_free()
      buildworld - Fix -j n collisions
      buildworld - Add uuid for HAMMER2
      kernel - add DEBUG_LOCKS_LATENCY option
      kernel - Fix alarm() timer race against exit
      kernel - Add TDF_RUNNING assertions
      kernel - Fix endless nfs error 70 during shutdown
      kernel - Fix panic during diskless mount
      kernel - Do not use LK_NOWAIT for vfs_busy() after initialization
      kernel - Add -fno-stack-protector for kernel build
      kernel - Adjust stack by an addition 128 in sendupcall()
      kernel - Add additional safety assertions in the pmap path
      kernel - Clear the quick-return flag when changing PSL_IOPL.
      kernel - Remove unneeded initialization
      kernel - Remove partially commit debug code
      kernel - Fix missing token release on I/O error during exec
      kernel - Support bdwrite() on tmpfs buffer cache buffers
      kernel - Dynamically size lwkt_cache_threads free cache
      Kernel - Fix double-unlock in nlookupdotdot
      kernel - Misc fixes and debugging
      kernel - Fix signal races against exiting processes
      make - Do not try to track stopped/continued processes
      kernel - Update loader.conf documentation and add sio comconsole unit specifier
      libc - fix mcontext issues
      kernel - Fix floating point save state structure and minor npx issues
      kernel - Add suword32 and fix argc/envc initialization
      kernel - Increase cluster_limit for exec args on machines w/ > 16 cpus
      kernel - Implement static stackgap feature in addition to random stackgap
      kernel - Properly dispose of vm_page_t in sf_buf_mfree()
      kernel - Reorder critical section interlock in splz()
      kernel - cleanup bit number test
      kernel - Fix new static stackgap feature from recent commit
      kernel - Add workaround support for a probable AMD cpu bug related to cc1
      gcc-4.4: Add workaround for probable AMD cpu bug
      kernel - Correct sysctl variable type for kern.stackgap_random
      kernel - Fix missing chain wait
      kernel - Add vm.swapcache.maxscan
      kernel - Fix swap space leak
      test - Do not report bogus object pointer in vmpageinfo
      kernel - Fix ENOBUFS related panic in tcp_output
      vkernel - Unbreak 32-bit vkernel builds by fixing broken assertion
      hammer - Pass -S option to remote mirror-read
      kernel - Use atomic ops to update hammer_count_refedbufs
      kernel - Fix swapcache inefficiency related to the PQ_INACTIVE queue
      kernel - Fix a case in if_re which could lockup the system
      vknetd - Ignore SIGPIPE
      test - Add tuxload.c
      test - Correct bug in tuxload and document second bug
      hammer - Properly pass -S option to hammer run via remote ssh
      kernel - Fix 3:00 a.m. crashes (deadlocks) related to HAMMER VM use
      varsym - Add -x option
      uname - Allow varsym overrides
      kernel - Fix pmap_release() bug for i386
      kernel - Fix AHCI callout timer race
      kernel - Fix race in callout_stop_sync()
      kernel - Fix AHCI callout timer race (2)

Maurizio Lombardi (1):
      Fix a macro argument expansion bug

Nuno Antunes (43):
      test commit: does it still work
      Introduce WANT_NETGRAPH7 make variable.
      Apply netgraph7 megapatch.
      Welcome ng_bridge.
      Welcome ng_deflate.
      libnetgraph7: remove extra WARNS from the Makefile
      NETGRAPH7: libnetgraph7: fix compilation.
      NETGRAPH7: Fix kernel build with options NETGRAPH7.
      NETGRAPH7: Welcome ng_ksocket.
      NETGRAPH: Simplify ng_ether_input_orphan().
      NETGRAPH7: ng_ksocket: Use atomic ops for ssb_flags handling.
      netgraph7: fix netgraph7 build
      netgraph7: catch up with pr_* -> netmsg changes.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_pptpgre.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_echo.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_etf.
      netgraph7: welcome ng_frame_relay.
      netgraph7: Properly lock ng_ksocket during accept phase.
      netgraph7: ng_ksocket: lwkt_{get,rel}token() -> lwkt_{get,rel}pooltoken().
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_l2tp.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_lmi.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_ppp.
      uipc: Import mbuf utility function m_unshare() from FreeBSD.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_mppc.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_one2many.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_pppoe.
      netgraph7: curthread visibility is needed, so #include <sys/globaldata.h>
      netgraph7: Make netgraph7 kernel modules names unique.
      netgraph7: Include the correct header file in dragonfly.c.
      netgraph7: Remove unused functions.
      netgraph7: staticize linker_api_avaliable() and move it to ng_socket.c.
      netgraph7: ng_socket: use lksleep() instead of home brewed version.
      netgraph7: Put netgraph7 kernel build under WANT_NETGRAPH7 make variable too.
      Revert "netgraph7: Make netgraph7 kernel modules names unique."
      netgraph7: convert lockmgr locks into mutexes.
      netgraph7: conditionalize netgraph modules build.
      netgraph7: welcome ng_hub.
      netgraph7: welcome ng_rfc1490.
      netgraph7: welcome ng_tcpmss.
      netgraph7: uncomment ng_tcpmss cookie.
      netgraph7: move static to the front and remove MALLOC/FREE macro usage.
      netgraph: handle M_PREPEND failure.
      netgraph: remove unused variable.

Peter Avalos (46):
      telnetd:  Validate key length prior to copying into a fixed buffer.
      Import OpenPAM Lycopsida.
      Update build for OpenPAM Lycopsida.
      libpam: Update Makefile.
      style(9) fix.
      pam_group: Add ruser and luser options.
      GC pam_krb5 and pam_ksu.
      Include lib/Makefile.inc in pam_modules' Makefile.inc.
      pam_ssh:  Don't allow a bogus passphrase for unencrypted keys.
      pam_unix:  Respect passwordtime from login.conf if set.
      sh(1): Improve documentation of field splitting.
      sh: Remove undefined behaviour due to overflow in +/-/* in arithmetic.
      sh: Allow unsetting OPTIND.
      sh: Reduce one level of evaltree() recursion when executing 'case'.
      sh: Remove impossible evalskip check in 'for'.
      sh:  Add test for df6b9adb7f429266f4faf79629df957f76d736f3.
      sh: Test that '!' is literal if quoted and first char of bracket expr
      sh: Add a test for a fairly obscure case with aliases.
      sh: Add test for exit status of for loop without items.
      sh: Add tests for some corner cases of 'case' exit status.
      sh: Add test for LC_COLLATE-based character ranges in case.
      sh: Add simple CDPATH test.
      sh: Test that . /dev/null returns exit status 0 and does not preserve $?.
      sh:  Add test for 332546d32a797c819b3a1804e66be73417674ff1.
      sh:  Add forgotton test for set.
      sh: Add tests for -n flag.
      sh: Add simple tests for set -x and PS4.
      sh: Add testcase for $? in here-document.
      sh: Add test for positional parameters with more than one digit.
      sh: Add some testcases for pasting $*/$@ directly to a literal.
      sh: Add tests for some somewhat obscure aspects of function definitions.
      sh: Add tests for lines that look like heredoc delimiters but are not.
      libmagic:  Update Makefile.
      Import file-5.10.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.0f.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.0f import.
      pam:  Need to list ruser for pam_group.
      ftp:  Import NetBSD's latest version.
      Import xz-5.0.3.
      Update files for xz import.
      ftp:  NetBSD uses __dead, and we use __dead2.
      Import libarchive-3.0.2.
      Update files for libarchive-3.0.2 import.
      Import libarchive-3.0.3.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.0g.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.0g import.

Samuel J. Greear (8):
      DRM - Fix LINT build
      kernel - sysv - Bump semaphore limits
      sys/types.h - include sys/stdint.h for __off_t and __pid_t
      smb - Tear out C++-wannabe exception magic
      crypt(3) - Switch SHA256/512 to the Linux implementation
      crypt(3) - Paper over sizeof()/strlen() bug causing 32/64-bit issues
      crypt(3) - Forgotten string in last commit
      rc - Add a default setting for udevd_early, silences warning at boot

Sascha Wildner (254):
      Raise default .Os value for the manual pages to 2.13 on master.
      Fix the i386 buildworld.
      libc: Remove the CVS ID in the recently changed files, too.
      libm: Match ENTRY()s with END()s.
      libc_r/libstand/libthread_xu: Match ENTRY()s with END()s.
      padlock(4): Match ENTRY()s with END()s.
      kernel/ufs: Fix mount_point access in ffs_blkfree() when using softdep.
      kernel/drm: Clean up the Makefiles a bit.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011l from munnari.oz.au
      kernel/tmpfs: Remove a useless (and wrong, anyway) header.
      ipiq: Remove an extra semicolon that was messing up an if.
      Add PCI MMC/SD drivers to our standard kernel configurations.
      ath(4): Remove a debug message (not in FreeBSD's either).
      lgue(4): Fix an issue and do some cleanup.
      LINT/LINT64: Sort filesystems.
      LINT/LINT64: Add ext2fs.
      Revert "LINT/LINT64: Add ext2fs."
      spinlock.9: A little cleanup.
      Some cleanup after addition of TRIM support.
      kernel: Move GPL'd kernel files to sys/gnu to have them all in one place.
      Remove some duplicate includes in sys/kern.
      accept_filter.9: Add missing include.
      Remove some EISA remains in a couple of manual pages.
      periodic/daily: Fix the check for denied zone transfers (AXFR and IXFR).
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011m from munnari.oz.au
      pf.conf.5/swapcache.8: Fix some typos (verses -> versus).
      zone.tab: Fix tzsetup(8) breakage.
      Fix i386 buildkernel.
      Further shared memory adjustments to be in line with POSIX.
      kernel: Add missing MODULE_VERSION()s for file systems.
      Revert "libcrypt - install crypt.h header"
      Remove /usr/include/crypt.h via 'make upgrade'.
      Fix buildkernel without 'options INVARIANTS'.
      Fix x86_64 buildkernel with 'options DIAGNOSTIC'.
      adduser(8): Sync with FreeBSD.
      Remove various unneeded definitions of abs() in userland.
      Unbreak LINT.
      Bump __DragonFly_version for the removal of <crypt.h> (to be safe).
      loader.8: Fix typo.
      gcc41: Add a missing file to CLEANFILES.
      Remove some bogus CVS IDs.
      kernel: Replace some bzero()s with M_ZERO in the preceding kmalloc().
      twa(4): Remove some bogus NULL checks after kmalloc() with M_WAITOK.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011n from munnari.oz.au
      ieee80211*(9) manual pages: Add some missing #include's.
      Sort some SEE ALSOs in manual pages.
      Also remove formatted binutils220 manpages via 'make upgrade'.
      acpi_cpu: do not apply P_LVLx_LAT rules to latencies returned by _CST
      tcplay.3: Remove empty line.
      btpin.1: Use an item list to silence a mandoc(1) warning.
      syscons: Add description for machdep.enable_panic_key.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Nuke AppleTalk support.
      installer: Adjust maximum swap recommendation to our current limits.
      installer: Check the user-entered swap size against our actual limits, too.
      kernel: Fix linux emulation build.
      stress2: Fix a bug introduced in 3647609110201ad09b8c7b945941765be8924123.
      statfs.2: Fix indentation and add a missing .Pp.
      <sys/socket.h>: Re-add AF_APPLETALK to unbreak building net/netatalk (pkgsrc).
      drm.4: Add some words about using both an on-board and another card with DRI.
      kernel: Kill an obsolete comment.
      vkernel: Remove unused variable.
      kernel: Fix building with 'options UDF'.
      <sys/socket.h>: Bring back PF_APPLETALK too, to unbreak building lang/ruby18.
      netstat(1): Remove some unused prototypes.
      netgraph: Add module dependencies.
      netstat(1): Remove another unused prototype.
      netstat(1): Renumber the nlist[] array indices.
      LINT/LINT64: Remove page breaks.
      rc.conf.5: Add some words about the recently added change_routes variable.
      dfr2text(8): Remove custom DEBUG_FLAGS.
      dfregress.8: Some little cleanup.
      kernel: Fix sizeof()s that were taking a pointer.
      kernel/nfs: Fix two wrong sizeofs.
      kernel/scsi: Use __unused instead of assigning to itself.
      test commit
      Disable aps(4) in the GENERIC kernels.
      i386/cpufunc.h: Adjust opcodes which are specified as ".byte 0xNN, 0xMM".
      Sync 'make distribution' with an upgraded system, file-wise.
      Remove /usr/X11R6/... paths from various config and default files.
      <ucontext.h>: For now, mark *context() as i386 only.
      x86_64/pmap: Remove an unused function.
      <sys/rman.h>: rman_get_rid() macro takes one parameter only.
      buildworld: Be more relaxed with which binutils are on the host.
      rcrun(8): Teach rcstart, rcstop and friends to handle other rc dirs.
      Adjust some comment indentation.
      Fix some whitespace issues.
      vquota(8): style(9)/whitespace fixes.
      vquota.8: Add a missing .El and use . instead of empty lines.
      du(1): Move the fts_close() behind fts_read()'s errno check.
      nrelease: In the mk.conf we add, don't quote PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS.
      kernel: Use NELEM() in some more places.
      Add a simple coccinelle patch for finding NELEM() candidates.
      kernel: Fix two cases of sizeof(sizeof(x)).
      kernel: Move some dereferences below the NULL checks.
      kernel/netinet6: Fix stupid NULL pointer derefs.
      kernel/netinet6: Add back a ':' I accidentally removed.
      kernel: Remove some unneeded NULL checks after kmalloc() with M_WAITOK.
      kernel: Use M_ZERO for kmalloc() instead of bzero()ing.
      pthread_condattr_setclock(3): Fix the check for a known clock.
      dpt(4): Remove duplicate bit in an | operation.
      cryptodev(4): Fix a bug where the wrong key was bzero()'d before kfree().
      kernel/nfs: Don't free 'info' until we're finished using it.
      mlx(4): Don't free 'meo' until we're finished using it.
      Add a coccinelle patch that searches for use-after-kfree.
      kfree.cocci: We neither have BUG() nor BUG_ON().
      vknetd.8: Use the full month name in .Dd.
      kernel: Replace all usage of MALLOC()/FREE() with kmalloc()/kfree().
      <sys/malloc.h>: Remove the MALLOC() and FREE() macros.
      kernel: Remove another NULL check after kmalloc() with M_WAITOK.
      kernel: Save another bzero() by using M_ZERO.
      kfree.cocci: Add a few more memory freeing functions to take into account.
      kernel/netgraph: Set resp to NULL if it is kfree()'d in the switch case.
      acpi: Include acdragonfly.h from acenv.h.
      tcpdump(1): Fix some sizeof(sizeof(x)) issues.
      rc.conf.5: Start a sentence in upper case.
      sf(4): Remove a duplicated flag in a header.
      kernel: Fix various whitespace and indent issues (no functional change).
      kernel/nfs: Fix a bug due to missing braces.
      Some cosmetics: #if(0) -> #if 0
      lib: Fix various whitespace and indent issues (no functional change).
      dfregress(8): Add some missing braces.
      pw(8): Add missing braces.
      pfctl(8): Add missing braces.
      Fix various whitespace and indent issues (no functional change).
      buildkernel: Disable building of acpi_hp.ko. It will not load.
      kernel: Add acpi_if.h to the ACPI module Makefiles.
      <sys/ktr.h>: Move static to the first place in declarations.
      Add vknetd to etc/rc.d/Makefile.
      Add -Wold-style-declaration to the kernel's warning flags.
      bsd.kern.mk: Add a missing space.
      vquota(8): Silence 'has more than one link' messages.
      kernel/netgraph7: Replace usage of MALLOC/FREE with kmalloc/kfree here too.
      installer: Remove some unused variables and code.
      kernel/vfs_quota: Put the 'accounting enabled' message under bootverbose.
      ndis_events(8): Handle the "no event matched" case (fixes a gcc41 warning).
      bsd.kern.mk: -Wold-style-declaration is unknown to gcc41.
      Revert "x86_64: isa/clock.c is clean enough to enable -Werror"
      mkinitrd(8): Move the defaults to /etc/defaults/mkinitrd.conf.
      mkinitrd.8: Create a mkinitrd.conf.5 link.
      Revert "i386/files: isa/clock.c is clean enough to compile w/ -Werror"
      ecc.4: Sync with current developments.
      ioapic/x86_64: Fix x86_64 buildkernel with gcc41 (syncs with i386).
      <sys/elf_common.h>: Add an EM_ALPHA #define.
      ecc.4: Update manual page for X3400 support.
      ecc(4): Move from sys/dev/bridge to sys/dev/misc.
      libprop: Fix some references in the manual pages (malloc(9) -> kmalloc(9)).
      Fix some overlooked references in manual pages (malloc(9) -> kmalloc(9)).
      kernel/vfs_quota: Fix the placement of braces.
      ahci(4): Add MODULE_VERSION.
      vquota(8): More style fixes.
      Add a NO_BINUTILS221 option (like NO_GCC41) to not build older binutils.
      tip(1): Remove "register".
      memcontrol(8): Fix wrong parenthesizing.
      pcn(4): Fix a bug where && was meant but & was used.
      vinum(4): Fix wrong parenthesizing.
      twe(4): Remove a cast to a union (which is a GNU extension).
      sym(4): Remove excessive semicolons.
      kernel: Remove now obsolete CPU_AMD64X2_INTR_SPAM option.
      kernel: Shuffle some initialization around to avoid forward declarations.
      vpo(4): Remove some casts to union and solve it in standard C.
      vinum(4): Remove some casts to union and solve it in standard C.
      loader.conf.5: Use .Dx.
      loader.8: Add missing spaces.
      Remove formatted version of ieee.3 manpage too.
      Remove some __STDC__ checks.
      libm: A little cleanup in the exp*(3) MLINKS.
      libm: Some cleanup in the manual pages.
      kernel: Remove an unused header file.
      ral(4): Remove an unused header.
      kernel: Remove some more old headers.
      boot: Remove some unused files in sys/boot.
      kernel: Remove two PC98 specific serial driver headers.
      tbridge: Remove an unused header. It's all in <sys/tbridge.h>.
      tbridge: Make it compilable into the kernel and add it to the LINTs.
      kernel/x86_64: Remove a useless file.
      vkernel/vkernel64: Add suword32() to fix build.
      store.9: Add a line about suword32().
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Remove the script that was used to update the pciconf(8) database.
      libm: Fix a typo in MLINKS name.
      <sys/tbridge.h>: Add a __printflike().
      <math.h>: Add FP_ILOGB0 and FP_ILOGBNAN.
      <math.h>: Add prototypes for llrintl() and nearbyintl().
      installer: Don't say the installer is experimental.
      UPDATING: Note that mkdir(1) and install(1) need updating before building.
      kernel/altq: Move a dereference below the NULL check.
      kernel/drm: Move a NULL check to the proper place.
      kernel/acpi: Add a missing file to the 'files' files (fixes LINT* build).
      kernel: Fix two NULL dereference issues.
      VKERNEL64: Adjust for the ktr changes (to fix build).
      Reduce differences between our VKERNEL and VKERNEL64 configurations.
      Bump copyright. Happy new year!!
      kernel/cam: Add two missing lockmgr(...,LK_RELEASE)'s.
      kernel/netgraph: Add a missing lwkt_reltoken().
      kernel/vfs_quota: Add a missing spin_unlock().
      kernel/gpio: Add a missing lockmgr(...,LK_RELEASE).
      kernel/tws: Add a missing lockmgr(...,LK_RELEASE).
      ed(4): Replace a forgotten crit_exit() with lwkt_serialize_exit().
      kernel/disk drivers: Add some missing crit_exit()s.
      dpt(4): Add a missing crit_exit().
      kernel/i4b: Instead of returning, goto fail (for crit_exit()).
      Add a coccinelle patch to find missing lock release before return.
      Expand the comments in the coccinelle patches a bit more.
      test/cocci/NELEM.cocci: Oops, wrong comment character.
      ktr.9: Adjust for the recent ktr work by aggelos.
      kernel/mchain: Fix a NULL check.
      isp(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      ispfw(4): Correct case in module name.
      ispfw(4): Add MODULE_VERSION()s.
      dma(8): Upgrade to v0.7.
      kernel: Use NULL for pointers.
      UPDATING: Add some info about the dma(8) upgrade.
      dma.8: Fix a few small issues.
      isp(4): Fix a typo in a message.
      isp(4): Use MSI if it is supported by the device.
      dfregress(8): Fix a typo in an error message.
      kernel: gre(4) should depend on 'options INET' if it is in the config.
      mfi(4): Use MSI if it is supported by the device.
      mfi(4) & mfiutil(8): Sync with FreeBSD.
      mfi(4): Use callout_init_mp() for the watchdog callout.
      mfi(4): Avoid some code duplication.
      mfi(4): Remove two NULL checks after kmalloc() with M_WAITOK.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      mfi(4): Fix volume creation with mfiutil(8).
      mfiutil(8): Remove some compatibility defines which we don't need.
      mfiutil(8): Use dehumanize_number() instead of rolling our own.
      isp.4: Use .Nx
      mfiutil(8): Correct sysctl name.
      dma.8: dma(8) only uses two config files, auth.conf and dma.conf.
      Add a mail user for dma(8).
      drm.4: Add some info about what to do when acceleration fails to initialize.
      make upgrade: Remove some more libarchive manpages.
      hptiop(4): Remove an unneeded variable.
      hptiop(4): Remove an unused define.
      hptiop(4): Add MODULE_VERSION.
      hptiop(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      Makefile_upgrade.inc: Remove some MLINKS added in 2008 which do now exist.
      umass(4): Remove an unneeded include.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Remove empty DragonFly CVS IDs.
      ahci(4)/sili(4): Fix some comments.
      kernel: Fix building of snd_gusc.
      GENERIC: Add back COMPAT_DF12.
      LINT/LINT64: Add snd_gusc.
      kernel: Remove some old major numbers.
      kernel: Remove two more major numbers.
      kernel: Remove some more old major number related stuff.
      nataraid(4): Add devstat support.
      kernel/acpi: Fix a reference to an uninitialized ptr.
      fwcontrol(8): Remove an unused variable and raise WARNS to 2.
      crontab(1): Adjust the number of comment lines in front of the tab.
      dloader: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel: Nuke the old (and deprecated) ata(4) driver and atacontrol(8).

Sepherosa Ziehau (198):
      resource: Per-CPU hardware resources support, step 1 of many
      resource: Per-CPU hardware resources support, step 2 of many
      MachIntrABI: Add method to return IRQ's target CPU
      resource: Per-CPU hardware resources support, step 3 of many
      rman: Record owner CPUID during initialization
      resource: Per-CPU hardware resources support, step 4 of many
      resource: Per-CPU hardware resources support, step 5 of many
      atkbd: Set the interrupt's target CPU properly
      psm: Set the interrupt's target CPU properly
      nexus: Log invalid target CPUID for interrupt resource
      atkbd: Interrupt resource is not shareable
      bus: Add bus_alloc_legacy_irq_resource()
      atkbd: Utilize bus_alloc_legacy_irq_resource()
      psm: Utilize bus_alloc_legacy_irq_resource
      legacy devices: Utilize bus_alloc_legacy_irq_resource()
      tcp: We have dropped T/TCP for a long time; remove the implied connection
      tcp: We have dropped T/TCP for a long time; remove the implied connection
      tcp: Add sosendtcp for further optimization
      tcp: Let sosendtcp() call tcp_usrreq.pru_send asynchronous
      tcp: Aggregate the mbuf in sosendtcp() a little bit
      tmpfs: Implement vptofh, so programs open files in tmpfs could coredump
      intr: Pass cpuid to register_int and unregister_int
      swi: Pass cpuid to swi register and unregister
      x86_64/ioapic: Allow GSI's target CPU to be configured
      x86_64/nexus: Per-cpu IRQ rman
      x86_64/ioapic_abi: Rework debug messages
      ioapic_abi/x86_64: Record the max line based IRQ
      ioapic_abi/x86_64: Optimize the GSI search a little bit
      tcp: Allow pure asynchronized pru_send
      ioapic/x86_64: Add missing imen_lock/unlock
      MachIntrABI/x86_64: Remove unnecessary setidt in intr_setup/teardown
      ioapic/x86_64: Per-cpu irqmap array
      tcp: Partly revert f2a3782
      tcp: Enable asynchronized pru_send by default
      send(2): Add MSG_SYNC to allow user to disable asynchronized pru_send per-socket
      tcp: Bring back MSG_EOF flag support in sosendtcp()
      rt_metrics: Add rmx_msl to record user-set MSL
      tcp: Use the MSL set to the rt_metrics whenever possible
      emx: Use MPSAFE callout
      tcp: Fix the dangling socket reference in the async sending message
      socket: Properly inherit AUTOLOWAT and AUTOSIZE from listen socket
      protosw: Add PR_ASYNC_SEND, mainly to make sure async pru_send is supported
      sendfile: Use asynchronized pru_send when ever possible
      netisr: Expose netmsg_sync_handler to avoid code duplication
      rc.d/routing: Add change_routes support
      rt_metrics: Change msl unit to millisecond
      socket: Speed up soclose by avoiding putting the user thread into sleep
      bce: Use MPSAFE callout
      accept: Implement fast soaccept predication
      x86_64/ioapic_abi: Disable interrupt load balance by default
      test: from enigma
      test: from xanadu64
      test: from lancer
      x86_64/ioapic_abi: Implement MachIntrABI.rman_setup
      accept: Save foreign address earlier, if protocol supports it
      tcp6: Implement pru_savefaddr
      accept: Call pru_accept in protocol thread
      udp: Simplify udp_output interface
      udp: Prepare for the asynchronized pru_send
      udp: Prepare for the asynchronized pru_send 2
      udp: Support asynchronized pru_send for connected socket
      pru_send: Allow non-NULL address parameter to be passed
      x86_64/icu: Implement rman_setup MachIntrABI method
      x86_64/ioapic: Always allow user to specify GSI's target CPU
      tcp: Don't check PRUS_OOB again in tcp_usr_send
      i386/ioapic: Allow GSI's target CPU to be configured
      i386/nexus: Per-cpu IRQ rman
      i386/ioapic_abi: Rework debug messages
      i386/ioapic_abi: Record the max line based IRQ
      i386/ioapic_abi: Optimize the GSI search a little bit
      i386/ioapic: Add missing imen_lock/unlock
      i386/MachIntrABI: Remove unnecessary setidt in intr_setup/teardown
      i386/ioapic_abi: Per-cpu irqmap array
      i386/ioapic_abi: Disable interrupt load balance by default
      tcp: Fix the long standing negative offset panic on output path
      bitops: Add __BIT64 and __BITS64
      ecc: Support the ECC error detection for Xeon E3-1200 family
      ecc: ecc: Support the ECC error detection for Xeon X3400 family
      i386/ioapic_abi: Implement MachIntrABI.rman_setup
      i386/icu: Implement rman_setup MachIntrABI method
      i386/ioapic: Always allow user to specify GSI's target CPU
      intr: Remove unused function
      intr: Nuke count_registered_ints()
      intr: Remove the broken sysctl_intrcnt(); use sysctl_intrcnt_all() instead
      intr: Per-CPU emergency thread
      intr: Per-cpu MI interrupt information array
      nexus/intr: Change the wrong cpuid backtrace to assertion
      nexus_alloc_resource: Add missing rman_set_rid()
      x86_64/ioapic_abi: Augment intr_disable/intr_enable w/ assertions
      x86_64/ioapic_abi: Augment intr_{setup,teardown} w/ assertions
      x86_64/icu: Add intr_{enable,disable} wrapper for ICU_INTR{EN,DIS}
      x86_64/MachintrABI: Use low-level INTR{EN,DIS} in intr_{setup,teardown}
      nexus/intr: Properly assert cpuid for interrupt resources
      idt: Remove no longer applied comment about NIDT
      ioapic: Even for UP, we still should initialize irqmap properly
      x86_64: Per-cpu IDT
      i386/ioapic_abi: Augment intr_disable/intr_enable w/ assertions
      i386/ioapic_abi: Augment intr_{setup,teardown} w/ assertions
      i386/icu: Add intr_{enable,disable} wrapper for ICU_INTR{EN,DIS}
      i386/MachintrABI: Use low-level INTR{EN,DIS} in intr_{setup,teardown}
      i386: Always set LINTEN for AMD CPUs if their family >= 0xF
      x86_64: Always set LINTEN for AMD CPUs if their family >= 0xF
      i386/ioapic_abi: Mark the unused IOAPIC irqmap as reserved
      altq/hfsc: Clear poll-cache if the cached hfsc class is to be destroyed
      altq/cbq: Clear poll-cache if the cached class is to be destroyed
      pci: Bring in HyperTransport MSI mapping support
      msi: Add interrupt vectors
      msi: Enable all PCI related code
      netif: MSI actually never worked, so comment out the pci_alloc_msi
      msi/pci: Pass cpuid to pci_alloc_msi and pcib_alloc_msi methods
      pci: We must not enable pci_do_msix currently
      msi/pci: Pass cpuid to pcib_release_msi method
      x86_64: Add setidt(), which setup an IDT entry on the specified cpu
      msi/pci: Pass cpuid to pcib_map_msi method
      msi: Generate vectors 0~15
      msi: Add setup/map function
      pci: Remove extra bus_generic_teardown_intr
      x86_64: Add MSI support for IOAPIC MachIntrABI
      x86_64/msi: Add hw.ioapic.msi_start tunable
      msi/pci: Adjust pci_alloc_msi method interface
      x86_64: Don't allocate MSI if LAPIC is not enabled
      msi: Put old MSI code under OLD_MSI
      ahci: Use MSI if device support it.
      emx: Use MSI, if device supports it
      emx: emx_detach will correctly handle IRQ resource allocation failure
      bce: Use MSI, if device supports it
      i386: Pass cpuid to pcib_alloc_msi and pcib_map_msi
      ether_ioctl: Command type is u_long not int
      pci: Factor out pci_alloc_1intr()
      bce: Split out frontend for interrupt handler
      em: Use MSI, if device supports it
      em: rman_get_cpuid should be used to get the interrupt's target CPU
      bce: Add workaround for the lost of MSI on 5706/5708
      intr: Remove no longer correct ithread_cpuid; use rman_get_cpuid instead
      x86_64: Add MSI support for ICU MachIntrABI
      acpi/pstate: Fix the long standing P-State detection problem on Intel CPUs
      acpi/pstate: Print coordination
      acpi/cpu: Report that Turbo Boost is enabled on Intel CPUs
      acpi/cpu: Missing one 'O' in the macro name
      vkernel/intr: Pin vkernel "hardware interrupts" to CPU0
      msi/i386: Add interrupt vectors
      msi/i386: Add setup/map function
      i386: Add MSI support for IOAPIC MachIntrABI
      i386: Add MSI support for ICU MachIntrABI
      pcidevs: Add ATI SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 AHCI device ID
      pcidevs: regen
      ahci: Create black list for devices which do not support MSI properly
      ioapic_abi/x86_64: Remove no longer applied warning
      dntpd: Don't assume that reconnect to server always succeeds
      jme: Use MSI, if the device supports it
      vmstat: Always print interrupts cpuid under verbose mode
      pcidevs: More device IDs for AHCI chips
      pcidevs: regen
      ahci: Black list more chips which do not support MSI properly
      x86_64: LINE interrupt -> LEGACY interrupt
      i386: LINE interrupt -> LEGACY interrupt
      route: Log R_Malloc failure in rtrequest1()
      tcp_output: Move output mbuf related variables' cleanup to the again label
      ioapic_abi: More consistent function name w/ legacy interrupt
      MachIntrABI: intr_{config,cpuid} -> legacy_intr_{config,cpuid}
      pci: Remove unused MSI remap method
      pci; Remove pci_remap_msix_method declaration; it was nuked
      msi: Don't release MSI-X on MSI releasing path
      msi-x: Suffix operation on vectors w/ _vector
      miidev: Add PHY ID for Atheros F1 10/100/1000
      miidev: regen
      atphy: Recognize another F1 PHY
      atphy: Explicitly clear 1000baseT control register for 10/100 only F1 PHY
      route: Add net.route.kmalloc_limit tunable to raise M_RTABLE limit
      vmstat: ks_limit is size_t not ssize_t
      mbuf: Avoid kmalloc "limit" overflow
      mbuf: Don't raise mbuf limit for jcluster
      msix/pcib: Pass cpuid to {alloc,release}_msix pcib methods
      msix: Rework MSI-X allocation, step 1/3
      msix: Rework MSI-X allocation, step 2/3
      msix: Remove MSI-X allocation, step 3/many
      msi/msix: Don't allocate MSI/MSI-X if the device does not support any messages
      msix: Rework MSI-X allocation, step 4/many
      mxge: Unbreak LINT building due to recent MSI-X allocation changes
      msix: Rework MSI-X allocation, step 5/5
      msix: Make sure vectors are not allocated before setup/teardown
      msix: Use msix_table_res to determine whether MSI-X is used or not
      msix/pci: Enable MSI-X by default
      ioapic_abi/x86_64: Implement MSI-X alloc/release
      nexus/x86_64: Implement {alloc,release}_msix pcib methods
      carp: Add comment about carp_update_addrs()
      jme: Split ifnet serializer; in preparation for multiple MSI-X support
      bus: Pass intsrerupt description to setup_intr bus method
      i386: Unbreak LINT building
      jme: Support multiple MSI-X interrupt model
      icu/x86_64: Implement MSI-X alloc/release
      i386: Implement MSI-X allocation and release support
      icu_abi/x86_64: {msi,msix}_release returns nothing
      carp: BGL -> CARP global token
      sendfile: Add sysctl to disable the usage of the asynchronized pru_send
      pru_send: Disable asynchornized pru_send usage by default
      sockbuf: Pre-alloc sockbuf space, so asynchronized pru_send could be used.
      sendfile: Block or return EAGAIN, iff we are really short of space

Thomas Nikolajsen (8):
      loader(8): Update: add more text on kenv vs local variables etc.
      Unbreak buildworld
      Fix buildkernel -j N
      crypt.3: Update algorithm numbers ($N$)
      login.conf.5: Fix mdoc problems
      pam_unix.c: Change default hash
      login.conf.5: Add sha256/sha512
      etc/auth.conf: Add sha512/sha256/blf

Tim (1):
      TRIM support

Venkatesh Srinivas (26):
      kernel -- Add pool spinlocks interface.
      kernel -- Resolve NULL ptr dereference in fill_kinfo_proc.
      Document spin_pool_lock(9) and spin_pool_unlock(9).
      kernel -- lwbuf: Convert cmpxchg loop to LOCK OR; we are just setting a bit.
      librt -- aio: lio_listio: Do not dereference NULL sigevp.
      libc -- string: strspn should return 0 for empty match strings, not string len.
      kernel -- token: Two shared token DEBUG_LOCKS tests.
      kernel -- vkernel64's trap_pfault should use VM_FAULT_BURST for usermode faults.
      kernel -- nata: Raise ATA timeout for FLUSHCACHE requests.
      kernel -- ktrace: Fix possible one-word stack leak to userspace.
      libc -- Remove assembler i386 strlen() routine.
      kernel - ddb: Print raw instruction pointers in ddb backtrace.
      pf -- Remove unused pf_mod_lck.
      kernel -- Remove i686_pagezero.
      kernel -- Remove references to obsolete i586 optimized bcopy.
      kernel: Factor out common parts of bufdamon and bufdaemon_hw.
      Add HAMMER2 vnode tag type.
      Properly dispose of page in sf_buf_mfree(), #2.
      NFS server: Import various fixes from FreeBSD.
      NFS server: Zero not-fully-initialized UIO structure.
      NFS server: Record bwrite() error in nfsrv_commit.
      kernel -- Per-mount syncer thread infrastructure.
      taskqueue -- Register swi_taskq_mp as an MP-safe SWI.
      kernel -- KTR: Fix vkernel32 build.
      kernel -- nfsserver: Allow for some reordering of RPCs before decaying seqcount.
      libdl -- Stub libdl.

YONETANI Tomokazu (2):
      Fix the panic on atkbdc_configure() failure
      Fix wrong argument to allproc_scan in elf_brand_inuse()

DragonFly BSD source repository

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