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Re: git: kernel - Add MONITOR/MWAIT support to the LWKT scheduler

From: YONETANI Tomokazu <qhwt.dfly@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 10:43:48 +0900


On Sat, Dec 25, 2010 at 10:03:21PM +0100, Francois Tigeot wrote:
> YONETANI Tomokazu wrote:
> >Some strange panic in vm_map_lookup()
> >started annoying me after upgrading the kernel recently, and
> >bisecting showed that this is the first commit with the problem.
> >
> >I'm running the kernel with the following change to see if it
> >fixes the panic, which usually takes several hours to be triggered.

Unfortunately, the system(running the kernel built from the source
with the patch in the previous message on top of 94603b1be) panicked
after 10 and a half hour later.  So I guess I've chosen a wrong
`good' kernel for bisecting.  /boot/kernel.old/kernel contains
DragonFly v2.9.1.231.g0b38f which is a non-kernel local patch to b911043fd,
but the first entry in `git bisect log` is fc55f5f28.
> I think I've encountered the same bug, and a way to trigger quickly.
> Try building wip/jdk15 ; it crashes the system in 20 minutes top on
> a Core 2 Duo.

The problem is I don't have the Linux binaries necessary to build it,
and the URL in the message is 404.

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