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Press Release: SonyMusic Independent Network (SIN) SXSW Debut of Int'l Acts

From: "Web 'n Retail"<webnretail@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 11:19:24 -0400

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For Immediate Release


 The New SonyMusic Independent Network (SIN)
Debuts Exciting International Line-up at SXSW Music 2010

NEW YORK - SIN (SonyMusic Independent Network) is a new division of Sony Music Entertainment focused on releasing foreign repertoire in the United States.  A marketing services arm of Sony International, SIN functions as an extension of Sony Music territories across the globe. 

An entirely new model within the existing music business structure, SIN utilizes a network of trusted independent press, promotion and marketing companies to create customized marketing plans specific to each project.  Staffed by a core group of music industry veterans including Jeb Hart, Vinny Rich, Adam Pollock and John Porter, the group is focused on artist development and long term campaigns with the goal of bringing exciting new music to the U.S. market. 

SonyMusic Independent Network (SIN), the new independent services arm of Sony Music International, is excited to present SIN at SXSW on Thursday, March 18 from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm at Antone's.  The line-up features both emerging and established Platinum-selling international talent.  Beverages and tasty Mexican food will be served.  The event is open to all SXSW Music and Platinum badge holders, but is subject to capacity limits, so arrive early.

Bands showcasing at the event include:
Cassette Kids (SIN/Sony Australia)
Eva & the Heartmaker (SIN/Sony Norway)
Kate Miller-Heidke (SIN/Sony Australia)
Nneka (Decon/Epic)
Becca (SIN/Sony Japan)
Kasmir (SIN/Sony Denmark)
Karnivool (SIN/Sony Australia)

Hear some tracks on the jukebox here < /font>

In addition to the daytime event at Antone's, all bands are playing official SXSW showcases and other events, details of which can be found here.  There will also be a complimentary calendar in the SXSW big bag that will include all the dates and times of SIN's showcasing acts.  

For more information on SIN, to contact SIN artist representatives and/or to schedule Artist Interviews, contact:

Rock ‘n Retail, LLC / Web ‘n Retail                                                                                  & nbsp;                              
Gale Rosenberg                                                                                 &nbs p;                                                                        
818-453-8777                                                                                 & nbsp;                                                                          

SIN banner






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