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Re: [issue1665] spelling error during startup

From: arden henderson <arden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 21:14:06 -0600

> Busses is a correct spelling.  Is there a consistency issue, or do you
> just prefer "buses"?

It's an ambiguity issue. (And a consistency issue with regards to
conventional/common  use.) 

While "busses" is indeed a correct spelling (and therefore will
typically pass spelling checkers) and is listed in a sampling of
dictionaries as an "alternate" spelling of "buses," it is not the
(current) conventional plural form of the word "bus," and, more
importantly, ambiguous enough as to rule out as a practical choice
because the (English) word "busses" is also the plural (noun), and
third-person singular simple present indicative form (verb), of the
word "buss."  In view of common use, "buss" definitively, and most
definitely, does not convey the intended, common, and conventional,
meaning as "bus" in context of the start-up code.  In general, for good
practices, it is prudent to avoid words labeled as "alternate"
spellings, given a choice. (Side-note: Apparently, "busses" is
additionally loaded as the French verb form second-person singular
subjunctive imperfect of "boire.") "Buses" is the consistent,
practical, simple-loaded plural form choice for non-ambiguous,
conventional use throughout the project.


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