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Re: System unable to finish loading with the current HEAD

From: Petr Janda <elekktretterr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 03:08:08 +1000

I reverted back to kernel compiled on 1st of October and it works again,

so the problem came to be between yesterday and 1st of October. I'll give boot -v and compiling the least amount of drivers a shot.


Matthew Dillon wrote:
:Im unable to boot my workstation with the current HEAD kernel. The boot :seems to go ok up untill
:uhub2: port error, restarting port 1
:uhub2: port error, giving up port 1
:And then it just restarts without any panic. Any advise on how to debug it?

This could be a tough one. Does it boot on an older ISO?

Sometimes having it boot with the console on the serial port yields
more information. boot -v might help in addition to that. If we can't
get any clues from that you could try compiling up a kernel with as many drivers as possible removed (leaving just the console/video/disk
driver). If it is a SMP box you could try booting with a UP kernel.

Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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