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Re: /dev permissions after reboot (and panic)

From: Yury Tarasievich <grog@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 09:29:21 +0300

On 17 July 2005 03:29, Peter Avalos wrote:
. ..
> But, what really sucks, is if I did a 'MAKEDEV all', permissions
> in /dev get hosed when the machine comes back up.  MAKEDEV is doing
> the right thing, because I've checked to make sure the devices
> have the correct permissions.  When the machine comes back up,
> things like null, zero, tty, lose their write permissions, which
> hoses things up.
. ..

Ah, by the way, I'm having this problem for some time, too. E.g., sendmail 
complains incessantly on console that it can't write to /dev/null, and some 
other userspace programs can't work as supposed of the same reason (I don't 
remember which though).

Happens with every installation  of 1.2.0-RELEASE and 1.3.x-DEVELOPMENT. Three 
boxes are affected.

The only common thing I see there is installing with 1.2.0 installer which I 
throw into iso's of 1.3.x, too.


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