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Re: DFly-stable as of April 1st crashed, but no crash dump was possible due to ips driver being unable to do crash dumps

From: Tomaž Borštnar <tomaz.borstnar@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 20:02:52 +0200

Tomaž Borštnar wrote:
I can try to connect serial port to another machine and log everything there, but would need a bit of advice what to do to catch more info next time.

hmm, so far i was unable to get any data over serial from the machine. I tried setting "serial console redirect" to com1, but no output at all. I would like to have option to enter bios setup via serial if possible or at least access dfly as early as possible during boooting or while being stuck in something like "syncing disks...".Can I actually do something there while watching this remotely via serial console?

Also, would some watchdog thing help in this case to at least restart the machine if some userland program was not updating its timer? Or maybe this:

# Set the amount of time (in seconds) the system will wait before
# rebooting automatically when a kernel panic occurs.  If set to (-1),
# the system will wait indefinitely until a key is pressed on the
# console.
options         PANIC_REBOOT_WAIT_TIME=16

hmm, this is already default. any other option to force machine to reboot itself anyway?


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