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Re: DFBSD on 2nd drive fails to boot, FreeBSD succeeds same partition

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 14:21:18 -0700 (PDT)

:> | Seeing if ad1s2 needs to be created...
:> | No, ad1s2 already exists
:> `->>> Exit status: 0
:> ,-<<< Executing 'mount /dev/ad1s2a /mnt'
:> | mount: /dev/ad1s2a : No such file or directory
:> `->> Exit status: 1
:Does it help if you manually "cd /dev && ./MAKEDEV ad1s2a" before using
:the installer?  From this it looks like it somehow skipped making that
:device node... I thought we caught all these cases, all but maybe not.

    It looks like the installer is testing ad1s2 and assuming that
    ad1s2a exists if ad1s2 does, but in fact this is not necessarily
    the case.  MAKEDEV by default will create ad1s2 but not ad1s2{partition}.


    dhcp62# ls ad1*
    ad1     ad1d    ad1h    ad1l    ad1p    ad1s1c  ad1s1g  ad1s1k  ad1s1o  ad1s4
    ad1a    ad1e    ad1i    ad1m    ad1s1   ad1s1d  ad1s1h  ad1s1l  ad1s1p
    ad1b    ad1f    ad1j    ad1n    ad1s1a  ad1s1e  ad1s1i  ad1s1m  ad1s2
    ad1c    ad1g    ad1k    ad1o    ad1s1b  ad1s1f  ad1s1j  ad1s1n  ad1s3
    dhcp62# ls ad2*
    ad2     ad2d    ad2h    ad2l    ad2p    ad2s1c  ad2s1g  ad2s1k  ad2s1o  ad2s4
    ad2a    ad2e    ad2i    ad2m    ad2s1   ad2s1d  ad2s1h  ad2s1l  ad2s1p
    ad2b    ad2f    ad2j    ad2n    ad2s1a  ad2s1e  ad2s1i  ad2s1m  ad2s2
    ad2c    ad2g    ad2k    ad2o    ad2s1b  ad2s1f  ad2s1j  ad2s1n  ad2s3

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