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Re: pciconf fails: patch to pci.c

From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <asmodai@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 08:30:17 +0100

-On [20040224 05:32], Rob Schulhof (rrs@xxxxxxx) wrote:
>  I noticed that the PCI bus code never calls make_dev for the pci
>userland device, causing pciconf to fail with a "device not configured"
>error.  I attached a patch which fixes the problem for me, but is probably
>the wrong approach:) Hope it helps...

Am I correct into think this patch is in the reverse order?  I.e.: you
meant to ADD the make_dev call, not remove it?

>--- src/sys/bus/pci/pci.c	Mon Feb 23 19:14:59 2004
>+++ src/sys/bus/pci/pci.c.orig	Mon Feb 23 19:14:10 2004
>@@ -1385,9 +1385,6 @@
>         if (bootverbose)
>                 device_printf(dev, "physical bus=%d\n", busno);
>-        if (busno == 0 )
>-        	make_dev(&pcicdev, 0, UID_ROOT, GID_WHEEL, 0644, "pci");
>         pci_add_children(dev, busno, sizeof(struct pci_devinfo));
>         return (bus_generic_attach(dev));

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