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Re: rclist bug?

From: David Leimbach <leimy2k@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 14:25:49 -0600

On Dec 12, 2003, at 1:58 PM, Matthew Dillon wrote:

:I got some problems with the rc stuff.. : :rcstop mail works :rcstart mail says it requires dhclient : :rclist shows that moused is disabled but I am using the mouse so I :know that's not true. : :Dave

    moused isn't required to use the mouse.  Most people setup X
    to talk to the PS/2 mouse directly.

I am not in X and the mouse is working so moused must be enabled. :)

I actually rarely use X.  Everyone I know who has used X to talk to the
mouse directly instead of using sysmouse has had a horrible time with
the mouse driver missing interrupts.

It used to happen to me all the time until someone pointed that out to
me in a KDE-FreeBSD IRC channel.  After I switched to sysmouse I
never looked back :)

I don't think the problem was ever fixed in FreeBSD either... not that
I would know how to help on that one.


-Matt Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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