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Re: Kernel Panic: bad isr 0

From: TC Lewis <tfox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 18:34:26 -0800

:panic: bad isr 0
:Stopped at Debugger+0x34: movb $0,in_Debugger.339
:Debugger trace reports: (as best as I can see by my craning my neck around
:and reading from the monitor behind me)
:Debugger(c03c4d58,c0166ffb,c02b384d,c02eee78,c02e6a6c) at Debugger+0x34
:dumpmag(73252228,a2922,0,0,0) at dumpmag+0x1b9
:Thanks in advance ;)

    hmm.  The backtrace isn't good.  There are three places where this
    panic can occur.  I just committed a change to net/netisr.c that
    does not fix the problem but does clarify which of those three
    places is generating the panic.

    See if you can get a better trace by trying different stack pointers
    (starting the reported stack pointer and incrementing by 4, in hex),

trace 0xblahblah where 0xblahblah starts at the reported stack pointer

Also be sure that you are not looking at a double fault. Is the above
panic the initial panic message or did it occur due to another earlier

					Matthew Dillon

The above appears exactly as it output from my kernel. Let's see iirc, the exact kernel output as follows, preceeded only by functional kernel output

	panic: bad isr 0
	Stopped at      Debugger+0x34: movb     $0,in_Debugger.339
	Debugger(c03c4d58,c0166ffb,c02b384d,c02eee78,c02e6a6c) at Debugger+0x34
	dumpmag(73252228,a2922,0,0,0) at dumpmag+0x1b9

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