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Re: bin/41647: ifconfig doesn't accept lladdr along with inet address family

From: "李鑫 Xin LI" <delphij@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 23:33:23 +0800

(cc'ed to DragonFlyBSD's list for this problem exists in DragonFlyBSD, too)

Thank you for the information.

Finally I chose to use rc.local to work around this issue and finally, I
have contacted the responsible person of the switch(es) in my university,
and the MAC binding was corrected to reflect the new hardware installation.

So this is not still a problem for me.

However, I still think the problem should better be addressed in ifconfig
itself. It's true that the ifconfig utility is usually executed by the RC
scripts, but implementing the functionality in RC framework might be
confusing, what's more, it won't solve backward compatibility problem.
Despite these considerations, the gain from the ability of change several
address families one time might be unimportant.

Xin LI
Frontfree Technology Network

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