DragonFly On-Line Manual Pages

sendmail(1)							   sendmail(1)


sendmail - sendmail emulator interface for nullmailer


sendmail [ flags ] [ recipients ] < message


This program is a front end program for nullmailer-inject. It is used by programs that expect a sendmail interface for sending email. After parsing the command-line arguments, this program executes nullmailer- inject directly. See the documentation for nullmailer-inject for details on how messages are reformatted and queued.


-B TYPE -C FILE -d DEBUG -h COUNT -i -L TAG -N DSN -n -O OPTION -o OPTION -p PROTOCOL -q TIME -R RETURN -U -V ENVID -v -X LOGFILE Ignored for compatibility -bm Read mail from standard input (default). -bp List information about mail queue. This executes mailq. -bs Use the SMTP protocol on standard input and standard output. This executes nullmailer-smtpd. -F ADDRESS Sets the full name of the sender. -f ADDRESS Sets the envelope sender address. -r ADDRESS An alternate and obsolete form of the -f flag. -t Read message for recipients and ignore the command-line argu- ments.


nullmailer-inject(1) sendmail(1)