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REMAINDER(3)	      DragonFly Library Functions Manual	  REMAINDER(3)


remainder, remainderf, remainderl, remquo, remquof, remquol -- minimal residue functions


Math Library (libm, -lm)


#include <math.h> double remainder(double x, double y); float remainderf(float x, float y); long double remainderl(long double x, long double y); double remquo(double x, double y, int *quo); float remquof(float x, float y, int *quo); long double remquol(long double x, long double y, int *quo);


remainder(), remainderf(), remainderl(), remquo(), remquof(), and remquol() return the remainder r := x - n*y where n is the integer near- est the exact value of x/y; moreover if |n - x/y| = 1/2 then n is even. Consequently the remainder is computed exactly and |r| <= |y|/2. But attempting to take the remainder when y is 0 or x is +-infinity is an invalid operation that produces a NaN. The remquo(), remquof(), and remquol() functions also store the last k bits of n in the location pointed to by quo, provided that n exists. The number of bits k is platform-specific, but is guaranteed to be at least 3.


fmod(3), ieee(3), math(3)


The remainder(), remainderf(), remainderl(), remquo(), remquof(), and remquol() routines conform to ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (``ISO C99''). The remainder is as defined in IEEE Std 754-1985.


The remainder() and remainderf() functions appeared in 4.3BSD and FreeBSD 2.0, respectively. The remquo(), remquof(), remquol(), and remainderl() functions were added in DragonFly 2.13. DragonFly 4.3 December 21, 2011 DragonFly 4.3