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POWERD(8)	       DragonFly System Manager's Manual	     POWERD(8)


powerd -- simple ACPI based CPU/power control


powerd [-dt] [-p hysteresis] [-u trigger_up]


The powerd daemon monitors the CPU load and automatically adjusts the CPU frequency up or down. All CPUs will be set to their maximum frequency when the 1 second machine load exceeds 25% of one CPU. All CPUs will be set to their minimum fre- quency when the 10 second machine load drops below 12% of one CPU. The options are as follows: -d Debug option. Causes powerd to not go to the background and prints some debug output to stdout. -p hysteresis Percent of the upper limit to subtract as an hysteresis value to scale down to the min frequency. -t Turbo mode. Disables switching to turbo mode as maximum frequency completely. Switching to turbo mode as maximum frequency is enabled by default, if the CPU supports it. -u trigger_up Per CPU load limit in percent to force maximum frequency.


The powerd utility will exit with a non-zero code if the required sysctls are not present.


acpi(4), est(4), powernow(4)


The powerd command first appeared in DragonFly 2.7.


I'm shocked I tell you, shocked that there might be bugs in this program! DragonFly 4.1 October 28, 2014 DragonFly 4.1