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FINGER.CONF(5)		 DragonFly File Formats Manual		FINGER.CONF(5)


finger.conf -- finger(1) alias configuration file


The optional finger.conf file is used to provide aliases that can be fin- gered by local and network users. This may be useful where a user's login name is not the same as their preferred mail address, or for pro- viding virtual login names than can be fingered. Lines beginning with ``#'' are comments. Other lines must consist of an alias name and a target name separated by a colon. A target name should be either a user, a forward reference to another alias or the path of a world readable file. Where an alias points to a file, the contents of that file will be dis- played when the alias is fingered.


/etc/finger.conf finger(1) alias definition data base


# /etc/finger.conf alias definition file # # Format alias:(user|alias) # # Individual aliases # markk:mkn john.smith:dev329 john:dev329 sue:/etc/finger/sue.txt # # Network status message # status:/usr/local/etc/status.txt # # Administrative redirects # root:admin postmaster:admin abuse:admin # # For the time being, 'sod' is sysadmin. # admin:sod




Support for the finger.conf file was submitted by Mark Knight <markk@knigma.org> and first appeared in FreeBSD 4.2. DragonFly 4.3 August 16, 2000 DragonFly 4.3