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CRUNCHIDE(1)	       DragonFly General Commands Manual	  CRUNCHIDE(1)


crunchide -- hides symbol names from ld, for crunching programs together


crunchide [-f keep-list-file] [-k keep-symbol] [object-file ...]


The crunchide utility hides the global symbols of object-file such that they are ignored by subsequent runs of the linker, ld(1). Some symbols may be left visible via the -k keep-symbol and -f keep-list-file options. The keep-list-file must contain a list of symbols to keep visible, one symbol per line. The names given by keep-symbol or in keep-list-file should be C names. For example, to keep the C function ``foo'' visible, the option ``-k foo'' should be used. The crunchide utility is designed as a companion program for crunchgen(1), which automates the process of creating crunched binaries from multiple component programs.


crunchgen(1), ld(1)


The crunch utility was written by James da Silva <jds@cs.umd.edu>. Copyright (c) 1994 University of Maryland. All Rights Reserved. Chris Demetriou <cgd@netbsd.org> reorganized crunchide so that it sup- ported multiple object formats, and added ELF object support and ECOFF object recognition. Copyright (c) 1997 Christopher G. Demetriou. All Rights Reserved. DragonFly 4.3 June 14, 1994 DragonFly 4.3