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ATRUN(8)	       DragonFly System Manager's Manual	      ATRUN(8)


atrun -- run jobs queued for later execution


atrun [-l load_avg] [-d]


Atrun runs jobs queued by at(1). Root's crontab(5) file /etc/crontab has to contain the line */5 * * * * root /usr/libexec/atrun so that atrun gets invoked every five minutes. At every invocation, atrun will start all the jobs in the lowercase queues whose start time has elapsed. In addition, if the load average over the last minute was less than the specified limit then a maximum of one batch job (denoted by the uppercase queues) is started. Before starting a job, atrun will check the status of its owner's account with pam(3) and refuse to run the job if the account is unavailable, e.g., locked out or expired.


-l load_avg Specify a limiting load factor, over which batch jobs should not be run, instead of the compiled in default of 1.5. -d Debug; print error messages to standard error instead of using syslog(3).


For atrun to work, you have to start up a cron(8) daemon.


/etc/pam.d/atrun pam.conf(5) configuration file for atrun /var/at/jobs Directory containing job files /var/at/spool Directory containing output spool files


at(1), crontab(1), pam(3), syslog(3), crontab(5), pam.conf(5), cron(8)


The functionality of atrun should be merged into cron(8). DragonFly 4.3 June 17, 2007 DragonFly 4.3