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archive_read_support_filter_all, archive_read_support_filter_bzip2, archive_read_support_filter_compress, archive_read_support_filter_gzip, archive_read_support_filter_lzma, archive_read_support_filter_none, archive_read_support_filter_xz, archive_read_support_filter_program, archive_read_support_filter_program_signature -- functions for reading streaming archives


Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive)


#include <archive.h> int archive_read_support_filter_all(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_bzip2(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_compress(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_gzip(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_lzma(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_none(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_xz(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_program(struct archive *, const char *cmd); int archive_read_support_filter_program_signature(struct archive *, const char *cmd, const void *signature, size_t signature_length);


archive_read_support_filter_bzip2(), archive_read_support_filter_compress(), archive_read_support_filter_gzip(), archive_read_support_filter_lzma(), archive_read_support_filter_none(), archive_read_support_filter_xz() Enables auto-detection code and decompression support for the specified compression. These functions may fall back on external programs if an appropriate library was not available at build time. Decompression using an external program is usually slower than decompression through built-in libraries. Note that ``none'' is always enabled by default. archive_read_support_filter_all() Enables all available decompression filters. archive_read_support_filter_program() Data is fed through the specified external program before being dearchived. Note that this disables automatic detection of the compression format, so it makes no sense to specify this in con- junction with any other decompression option. archive_read_support_filter_program_signature() This feeds data through the specified external program but only if the initial bytes of the data match the specified signature value.


These functions return ARCHIVE_OK if the compression is fully supported, ARCHIVE_WARN if the compression is supported only through an external program. archive_read_support_filter_none() always succeeds.


Detailed error codes and textual descriptions are available from the archive_errno() and archive_error_string() functions.


libarchive(3), archive_read(3), archive_read_data(3), archive_read_format(3), archive_read_format(3) DragonFly 4.3 February 2, 2012 DragonFly 4.3